Terry Pearson



Terry Pearson designs and builds web based technology solutions for businesses and non-profits who want more than just a basic online presence. He is also a software developer for a major financial institution in St Paul, Minnesota.


Terry graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southwest MN State University in 2007. He received a B.S. in Computer Science, with a minor in Business Administration. While at the University, he led multiple student organizations, including holding the office of vice president of the University Student Assocation.


Terry Pearson is happily married to Jessica Pearson. They were married in 2003. He is also the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Abigail and Elsie.


As an outdoors enthusiest, Terry Pearson enjoys camping, singletrack mountain biking, and hiking during the Summer months. In Winter months, Terry likes to go skiing, winter hiking, and christmas light watching.

Terry also holds an interest in economics, politics, and history. He especially enjoys books that talk about these issues. During the course of a year, he will read many such books. Among his favorite books are "The Road to Serfdom" and "1776."


In 2010, Terry Pearson ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives. He was able to gain eight percentage points more than previous attempts for his party to win the same office.